GoAir Revises Its Cancellation Charges

Cancelling your flight? Here’s what you need to know!

GoAir has revised its cancellation policy w.e.f. March 9 and imposed a higher fees on passengers who cancel their tickets 2-48 hours before scheduled departure. For instance, if you are cancelling tickets more than 2 to 48 hours or 48 hours to 7 days before scheduled departure, you will have to pay Rs 2,250. In case, you are cancelling your tickets 7 days to 30 days prior to your scheduled booking, you will have to pay Rs 1,900. Also, the cancellation charges will remain same in case you cancel your tickets for more than 30 days before scheduled departure. You won’t get any refund if you cancel your tickets less than 2 hours before scheduled departure.

Read more on Cancellation Policy:

  • Board a subsequent flight provided by GoAir without paying any extra charge
  • Receive complete refund of the reservation amount
  • If GoAir cancels a flight, postpones it by more than 2 hours, prepones it by over half an hour, doesn’t halt at a customer destination or fails to provide previously confirmed seat, a passenger has the right to:
  • If a passenger misses his/her flight because of some personal reason, the airline won’t be responsible and no refund will be made for the same.
  • If GoAir is unable to reach the contact number (provided while booking tickets) of a passenger, the airline will have to send an email to the concerned passenger’s email ID. In case the passenger doesn’t exercise any of the provided options within a day of the email being sent, the airline will conclude:
  • For cancelled flights: the passenger is not willing to take the subsequent flight and is ok receiving refund of the reservation amount
  • For revised timing: the change has been accepted by the passenger

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