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Air Asia Flight Status

AirAsia Flight Status Tracker

Get the latest information and updates on the flight status of AirAsia flights. View the flight arrival and departure schedule for AirAsia (All global flights). For AirAsia India flights (Airline Code i5), please visit our AirAsia India Flight Tracker.

AirAsia Flight Status Descriptions

Scheduled -  Flight is not airborne.

Delayed - Flight is not on its scheduled departure time.

Departed - Flight has left the departure gate but may not be airborne yet.

In Air - Flight has taken off.

Diverted - Flight has been diverted from its scheduled destination towards a new location.

Recovery - Flight has departed from the diverted location and enroute the scheduled destination.

Landed - Flight has landed.

Arrived - Flight has arrived at its destination gate

Cancelled - Flight has been cancelled

No Takeoff Info - The real-time status of the flight is unavailable. Contact the airline for all the information.

Importance of AirAsia Flight Status


While the airline tries to stick to its scheduled time of flights, there are often several unavoidable circumstances such as sudden travel restrictions due to the current pandemic, weather changes, technical defects and air traffic clearance. These events cause flights to be delayed. So to avoid spending extra time at the airport, you should always check AirAsia Flight Status. As per the current travel guidelines, it is advised to check the status of your flight before leaving home.

ixigo understands the value of your time. In order to ensure passengers have a seamless and hassle-free journey, we created this service to check the status of AirAsia Airline global flights. ixigo allows you to check the lowest and cheapest airfares for flight booking of AirAsia across all routes.


How can you check the ‘AirAsia Flight Status’?

Q. How can you check AirAsia Flight Status’?

A: Check AirAsia Flight (all global flights) Status in 3 easy steps:
  • Visit AirAsia Flight Status Tracker (Global)
  • Fill up your flight code and the date of the journey in the given field
  • Click the ‘search’ button to get the latest information on 'Flight Status’