शुभ दीपावली…How the World Celebrates the ‘Festival of Lights’!

One of the most celebrated festivals, Diwali marks a period of prosperity and bliss for everyone. Although, this gala affair is not limited to India only. Observed globally, this festival spreads joy and happiness to various other parts of the world.

Let us take you on a gleeful journey and give you a glimpse of various international destinations that celebrate Diwali just like India.


With a notable Hindu population, Singapore observes this day as a public holiday. The streets are revamped by lights, colourful flowers and beautiful decorations, with incense filling the air with aroma. To acquire the real feel of Diwali when in Singapore, head directly to Little India.



The Little India area of Kuala Lumpur is the main region that experiences all the celebrations. With prayers, social events, yummy delicacies and beautiful decorations, the capital city of Malaysia turns into a carnival land. Do try the various sweets and snacks especially prepared by many Indian restaurants in the vicinity.



The City of Sheikhs leaves no stones unturned to celebrate Diwali with much lavishness and vigour. With a sky lighting colourful crackers and a festive trump, Dubai lets you have an all-embracing experience.



Caressing the traditions of Diwali, cities like Sydney and Melbourne in Australia have been celebrating this day for more than 15 years now. Significantly, Diwali at Federation Square in Melbourne is the largest celebration in Australia. This place witnesses an impressive display of fireworks with conventional dances of India and cultural shows.



The multi-cultural land of Mauritius celebrates this day with great fervour and devotion. Bringing together a large number of Hindus and non-Hindus, Diwali festivities span almost a week with get-togethers, feasting and fun. And not to forget, the amazing fireworks that lit up Mauritius in an astonishing way.

These are some of the most preferred destinations around the globe that celebrate Diwali in all its splendour. Happy Diwali, everyone 🙂