Hotel Hacks! 5 Tips to Get the BEST Deal on Your Booking

While planning a trip, a major part of our budget is the hotel booking. And why wouldn’t it be? Staying at a beautiful, comfortable property is half the charm of a trip! 

Do you think while booking a hotel, finding a balance between beautiful and budget-friendly is difficult? Well, not anymore, because we’ve got five smart hacks that can help you get the BEST deal on your booking.

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Let’s take a look:

1. Book from ixigo

This one is a no-brainer. The app that gets you the best deals on flights, trains and buses also has the best deals on hotels. 😉 Whether you’re looking for a modest homestay or a luxury property, it’s all there on the app. And the best part? You can save a minimum of 15% on your hotel bookings when you book using ixigo. You’re welcome. 

2. The secret ingredient is flexibility

Generally, people plan vacations and book hotels for stays on the weekend with an extra day, such as Friday or Monday, making hotel prices rise up. If you are flexible with time, book your hotel stays for weekdays, such as on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, to get comparatively cheaper prices.

3. Advance booking is your friend

Advance booking is that one tried-and-tested hack that we can’t recommend enough. And it’s applicable to not just hotels, but even flight, train or bus bookings. Planning early, and booking your hotel 3–4 months in advance will get you a lower price.

4. Be familiar with family rooms

Some hotels have better deals on family rooms, and even offer connecting rooms for families. So if there are more than two people in your group, you may get a discount if you book these.

Another option is to opt for an extra bed in the same room, rather than booking a separate one. This is especially useful if there are three travellers.

5. Say hello to off-season stays

Sure, there’s a reason why a certain place has a peak season: it’s when it’s the most beautiful, or has the best weather for travelling. But staycations are getting some much-deserved popularity, and keeping away from the crowds is extremely important. Keeping this in mind, staying in a gorgeous property that would otherwise be super-expensive had it been the peak season doesn’t seem like such a bad deal to us. 🙂

So which of these hacks will you try first? Do let us know 😀