5 Countries That Celebrate Independence Day With India

Land of culture, history and beauty, India will celebrate its 73rd Independence day this year. On this occasion, we wandered a little out of India in order to come up with a list of the most spectacular places that celebrate their own independence with us.

Have a look!

1. Republic of Congo, 1960
   Rwenzori Mountain Range

Republic of CongoAlso known as the “Mountain of the moon”, it is surrounded by snow-capped mountains. If you’re planning to visit, don’t miss out on the Rwenzori Mountains National Park and Virunga National Park for their aesthetically pleasing sights.

2. South Korea, 1945
   Gamcheon Village

South KoreaThe best way to experience this chaotic beauty is to simply get lost in it on foot. Who knows, you may even end up mastering satoori (the local dialect) by the time you return!

3. North Korea, 1945
   Heaven Lake

Heaven LakeA crater Lake situated on the border of China and North Korea, Heaven Lake looks magical. Heaven Lake is like a crescent-shaped water area deriving its name from the pearl of Heavenly Mountain. It’s an ideal place in summer containing crystal water and peaceful surroundings.

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4. Bahrain, 1971

If you get bored of touring all the malls and high-rise establishments, head over to the Manama Central Market to get a taste of the actual Manama society and culture.

Tip: Head there as early as possible to get your hands on the best produce!

5. Liechtenstein, 1940

VaduzOnce here, get yourself an Adventure Pass (AP) and avail discounts at all tourist-related activities, especially their bus service, which can be pretty expensive.

Happy Independence Day! 🙂