7 Must Visit Places During Diwali

The festival of lights is one of the most awaited festivals in India. A period marked by prosperity and bliss for all, Diwali is truly a gala affair. While performing pooja and worshipping the Gods are an integral part of celebrating Diwali, there is much more to this festival than this. We bring to you 7 must-visit places for Diwali celebrations.


One must visit Jaipur in Rajasthan to experience Diwali at its best. The Pink City is heavily laden with colourful lights which truly is an eye-catching sight. The markets here sell traditional, beautiful earthen lamps and pots at very reasonable price. You can also enjoy the Rajasthani thali along with delicious sweets.



The City of Palaces, Kolkata has a unique style of celebrating Diwali. The worshipping of Goddess Kali coincides with the festival of lights. The city is illuminated with candles, lamps, and earthen diyas. Also known as the City of Joy, the capital of West Bengal truly lives up to its name during Diwali.

Estimated footfall: 80,000 to one Lakh



While many cities of India claim to have the best Diwali celebration, Mumbai is not behind in this. A sprawling metropolis, Mumbai will give you a mixed experience of Diwali. Marine Drive is heavily lit with lights and attracts many tourists during this period.



Visit Punjab as it has its own aura and way of celebrating Diwali. During this auspicious festival, the markets of Amritsar are all decked up with glittery handicrafts and lights. Nearly all the houses wear a blanket of multicoloured lights.

The Golden Temple looks outstanding as it is illuminated with lights. One should also not forget to enjoy the local speciality, namely, chicken tikka, butter masala, etc. with huge naan.



Also known as Benaras, one must take a trip to Varanasi as it is one of the most sacred cities in India. During the festival of Diwali, all the ghats are brightened up with thousands of lights and diyas.

The view is so mesmerising that you cannot just look anywhere else. The Ganga aarti on the effulgent ghats will make you feel like you are in heaven. Be sure not to miss the chaat and hot spicy samosas during your stay in Benaras. Also, don’t miss the heavenly Dev Diwali celebrations to get the best experience of this holy city.


Mount Abu

If you are tired of the busy and crowded city life, then you can consider visiting this peaceful, serene hill station. Apart from the sun set point, the evenings here are soothing too. You can do boating at Nakki Lake and enjoy holistic visit to Brahma Kumaris Peace Park during your stay in Mount Abu.



The list of the 7 must-visit places during Diwali cannot be complete without the mention of the capital of India. When it comes to any major festival, New Delhi is the place to visit for all shopaholics.


From the low-priced Palika Bazaar to the high-end zones like Select Citywalk, Delhi caters to the needs of all very conveniently. Also, you can consider visiting the major attractions of the national capital which are all lit up with beautiful combinations of lights. Delhi also hosts some of the most famous Diwali melas in India and you can visit them for a nice festive experience.

Estimated fooffall: 2 lakhs to 4 lakhs on events

We are sure that after reading this you must have started to make your holiday plans for the coming Diwali season. These 7 must-visit places in India during Diwali should definitely be on your radar. So enjoy and have a happy, prosperous and safe Diwali!