All Unmanned Level Crossings To Be Removed Within a Year

The newly ordained Railway Minister, Mr. Piyush Goyal on Saturday stated that all the unmanned level crossings will be removed within a year.

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Goyal said, “Initially, the Railways had a target of removing all unmanned crossings in three years. But I told them, why not do it within a year. Around 5,000 unmanned level crossings which account for nearly 30-35 per cent of total rail accidents, need to be removed by the railways in the next one year.”

He also stressed on strengthening technology to improve Indian Railways’ productivity and affirmed to have given out the idea of floating global tenders for laying new railway tracks.

He added, “All you need is some infrastructure and a set of communication devices. The RailTel has already prepared the optic fibre network for improving communication.”

A mini Ratna PSU, RailTel Corporation is one of the largest railway telecom infrastructure providers in the country. Additionally, he mentioned that the officials have been asked to look into the maintenance of railways tracks and accelerate procurement processes.