Book Your Train Ticket Through Seat Availability Calendar!

Attention ixigo train users! The ixigo train app has come up with a new feature for a hassle-free travel experience. The new feature will come handy when you are booking your train tickets and want a one-stop solution in terms of train information for your search queries.


What’s More

The “Seat Availability Calendar” feature in the ixigo train app is extremely useful if you are looking for train details at one place within the ticket booking window period of 120 days. The app shows all train information once you enter the required fields and there are two options for booking the tickets.


Option 1- Train Stations

If you know your stations, then you can choose this option. It requires you to enter the source destinations and once you are done, it redirects you to a page which has all the information, train list, train running status, ticket availability and fare across categories.


It picks the first train option by default and shows it as a first choice. You can choose your desired train from the drop-down list and once you select an option, it shows you the relevant details.


Option 2- Train Numbers

The second option is useful if you know the train number as it gives you the option to change your source destinations. You can change the destination as per your requirement and it shows you the page with relevant details as in booking availability, train fares across categories (AC, Sleeper) etc.



Once all details are finalized, you can book your IRCTC tickets via two sources- IRCTC (Booking on IRCTC can be done through web) and cleartrip for which you have to use the app.

Additional Tidbits

There is one more entry point for this feature- you can click on “Trains By No. (number)” feature and then can select “Seat Availability Feature” once you fill in the required details like train numbers etc.



Top Searched Trains

Dr Ten Special – 01021 | Neelachal Spl – 02876 | Mao Festival Spl – 01113 | Hwh Pune Ac Spl – 02222 | Hte Gkp Spl – 05027 | Bgp Jat Special – 05097 | Hwh Csmt Spl – 02321 | Tpty Festvl Spl – 02734 | Ypr Hwh Fest Spl – 02874 | Csmt Fzr Spl – 02137 | Sc Bbs Spl – 07016 | Anvt Puri Spl – 02816 | Vskp Hx Special – 07488 | Bnc Ghy Exp – 02509 | Ndls Shc Spl – 02564 | Lko Festivl Spl – 04424 | Rjpb Durg Spl – 03288 | Mas Ltt Express – 02164 Dbg Ndls Spl – 02569 | Netaji Exp Spl – 02312 | Hwh Jat Special – 02331 | Ns Festvl Spl – 07256 | Hwh Prrb Spl – 02333 | Sc Csmt Spl – 07058