Crazy Inventions Around The World That’ll Make You Wish The Idea Came To You First

Neil Cummings Flickr NEW

Grass Flip Flops. Image Credit: Neil Cummings/ Flickr

There’s a thin line that separates the crazy and the genius; more often than not inventions are able to bridge that gap and create products that go on to become problem solvers and revolutionary, in every sense of the word. Here, we have for you, a list of unheralded inventions that might just get you thinking if they are innovative or simply borderline crazy.

Grass Flip Flops

We all love to walk on grass, but don’t because we fear there might be creepy crawlies waiting to bite our feet. Australian industrial designer Yashin Radhakrishnan solved this problem by inventing slippers that have artificial grass embedded on them.

The Flask Tie

The abomination called flask tie lets you store a few sips of NSFW beverage of your choice that you can sip while filling in those excel sheets. How does it function? Underneath a not-so-regular broad tie hides a pouch that holds the drink, with a snout towards the top of your neck wear. So, everything is done discreetly. A hit of liquor does take the edge away, but we recommend you stay away if you’re not someone who would willfully commit a sartorial blunder. The Flask Tie was invented by Steven Anthony.

Hug Me Pillow  

Japanese invention the Hug Me Pillow’s purpose is to kill the user’s loneliness by enhancing warmth and comfort. The pillow is shaped like the quarter of a grown-up adult; it has a single arm that is designed to go around the user’s neck attached to a part of the human chest. It sounds weird, but women apparently love cuddling with this pillow.

Beard Beanie

Canadian-born winter enthusiast Jeff Phillips came up with the idea of the super bizarre Beard Hat when he was snowboarding Whistler, British Columbia in 2006. Back then, he had used a simple knit scarf that had a hole in it, to cover his face.

Air Umbrella

A canopy-less umbrella that protects you from rain: stuff of dreams, right? Not so much. Chinese Inventor Chuan Wang has used the force of air to create an invisible layer that shields the user from rain drops. It’s just a simple looking stick that has a couple of air outlets at one end and a button on the other.

Egg cuber

First question: why? Why would anyone want to invest time in creating something so pointless. The cuber is used to shape boiled eggs; make, well, cubes out of them so that they fit better in sandwiches.

Foot Hammock

Even though you’ve not been walking around the office space, your tired feet needs a friend and what better than a foot hammock? Invented by Matt Hulme of Provo, Utah, the hammock is best for gamers who get edgy fighting virtual villains.

Rolling Bench

South Korean artist Sung Woo Park’s rolling bench is a blessing for the sidewalk takers/ park walkers. The bench comes with a handle that’ll help the user turn the seat in way that the dry side is exposed and ready to use. However, this is only useful in places with rain spells that aren’t torrential (London, ticked off).

Nose Stylus

This nose stylus is all things strange. Like a Pinocchio nose gone bad, this stylus has an elongated snout that fits on top of your nose and to hold the structure are elastic strings that go around the ear. If pecking on your phone is not something you want to be caught doing, then stay away.

Wake N’ Bacon Alarm

Even though the inventors were rejected by Shark Tank, waking up to the smell of bacon instead of a squawking alarm sounds like a good idea. But, there were genuine concerns: What if the bacon went bad overnight or if the clock caught fire?

Consider a hypothetical situation where you are asked to invent something. Which of these do you think you are most likely to roll out?