Future Of Flying Is Here: The SkyDeck

An inflight experience designed to live the external environment is the NextBigThing in the air business. Passengers are stunned and excited to board a plane which would give them a 360-degree view from the flight. Screen Shot 1937-10-01 at 4.34.10 pm

Piercing through the clouds and watching everything that passes by; beneath, above or on your side is a once in a lifetime kind of experience. Wind Speed Technologies is up with a patent which will set the benchmark for everything that is running in the air business right now.

Screen Shot 1937-10-01 at 4.34.25 pm

It is by far the most exhilarating in-flight experience for VIP aircraft owners and the airline industry. Here’s the highlight:

  1. The first literal “out-of-flight-entertainment” rather than in-flight experience
  2. It’s a tear-drop shaped rooftop viewing bubble
  3. It will be called Skydeck
    Screen Shot 1937-10-01 at 4.34.43 pm
  4. It will facilitate 360-degree view of the flight
  5. The access will be given via elevator or staircase
  6. Passengers will be covered by a “clear dome
  7. The design will work for private and commercial planes  
  8. It will be one or two seater canopy

No timescale yet, but if gets the approval, SkyDeck will come punching its way through an airplane fuselage pretty soon.

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