Future Of Travel: Gurgaon To Get Pod Taxis

Certainly, this is the time when one should feel lucky about being in India. So much is being done by the government in bringing outstanding innovations to transform the way we travel. At a time when the Odd-Even battle is a raging national debate, the Narendra Modi government has proposed a public transport system which is brilliant and futuristic.


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Metrino Pods are new age public transport that is designed to help check pollution. According to the proposal, this Metrino pod or pod taxi will span 13km between Delhi and Gurgaon, putting an end to urban transportation problems.

The Metrino Personal Rapid Transit System from Delhi-Haryana border to Rajiv Chowk and Sohna Road is a pilot project and the operating cost is projected at INR 850 crores. Here’s everything that you need to know:

  1. These cars will be driverless, fully automatic, and will independently move 5 to 10 metres above street level.
  2. Each pod would accommodate about 5 people.
  3. The pods, their stops, and the route network will remain under strict CCTV surveillance at all times.
  4. These pods will travel at the speed of 50 kmph and will have 16 stations.
  5. The rides will start from the boarding junction and will end at the selected destination, without any break in between.



Passengers will be able to select the destination using either a touch panel or voice commands.

We can’t wait for this ride, can you?

We’re hoping that with these pod cars our travel blues will be eased for sure. Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari has announced that this project will start somewhere in the middle of this year.