How India Travels

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We know how much you love travelling, but do you know how India travels every day? We bring you a list of 8 cities and their famous modes of transportation. So hop on as we take you for this interesting ride. Happy Reading!


Go chaiya chaiya! Ask any Mumbaikar about the best way to explore the city and their answer would be “local train”. Though it’s usually crowded, you should at least try once when you visit Mumbai.



Do you know how Bangaloreans travel? By their favorite Volvo Buses. The fare of these comfortable buses starts from INR 60. Go travel hassle free!



Tuk tuk your way to Chandigarh! Explore the small city in an old fashioned way. A rickshaw ride in Chandigarh will surely add to your memories.


New Delhi

What better way to travel in Delhi than opting for the metro. One of the most interesting facts about Delhi Metro is that it carries double the population of the USA.



We all have this love-hate relationship with the auto drivers, don’t we? But it is always always fun.
P.S.: Travelling by an auto improves your bargaining skills!



You know you grew up in Kolkata when you are super proud of the fact that the Kolkata tram network is still running. And truly what a way to explore the colorful city- blissful!



Go Goa Gone! There is no better way we think you can explore Goa other than riding a scooty. It’s said and done–always explore a place like a local.



A cheap way to travel in Guwahati is to travel by bus. The network is well connected and is an easy way to explore the place.


And to get the best deals and to travel hassle free download the ixigo cab app and free yourself from surge pricing. Do share your experiences with us about your favorite mode of transportation. Happy travels!

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