How To Travel Effectively During Demonetization

Everybody has been facing troubles ever since the phase of demonetization has set in the country. But nothing can stop wanderlust babies from travelling places, not even the adversities. In fact, it is challenges like these which make travelling much more fun and thrilling. But how do you make sure you overcome the challenge of money crunch during travel? Here are a few tips and ‘jugaads’ to travel effectively during demonetization:

Make Online bookings

Why worry when you can book everything from flights to hotels to trains to buses online literally at your fingertips? While making bookings online, you can compare the prices across the web and choose the one that fits your budget. Not only this, you can also receive lucrative cashback offers. If you see this way, online booking saves you money.

Choose eateries that accept cards

Have a credit/debit card? Great! Head to the restaurants that accepts payment through cards. Many eateries in big cities have started to accept payments through digital wallets. If nothing works out, shift to net banking in dire situations. You can always order food through online payment anywhere. Hail big pizza delivery chains! No cash does not mean no food.

Use taxi apps for local transportation

In the age of online cab aggregators like Ola, Uber and ixigo, getting around places has become an easy-peasy task, well, at least in the metro cities. What’s more convenient is that you can pay for these services online with cards or e-wallets. Even renting a car can easily be done through online app and transactions, if you wish to drive yourself out of the city/town.

Prepaid Travel Money Cards

Many banks offer prepaid travel money card services for foreign tourists and NRIs. These cards are a smart alternative to currency notes and make travelling hassle-free. Enjoy the delight of paying via Travel Cards anywhere, be it tourist spots, dine-outs, or shopping malls. It is one of the best ways for foreign tourists to get around post demonetization.

Use your old notes at the places where they are still acceptable

While airports and petrol pumps have stopped accepting old notes from now on, there are still a few places that are accepting old currency notes. You can still use your old 500 rupee notes at many places in India like railway ticketing counters, government hospitals and pharmacies. Note: You can use your old notes at these places till December 15, 2017. (Source)

Swipe your cards at Big Bazaar or INOX

Need cash? But don’t want to end up in long queues at ATM? No worries! Here is an alternate.  Outlets of Bazaar and INOX let you make a transaction of up to INR 2000 per card per day. Just swipe your cards through the card machines and withdraw cash upto INR 2000. As easy as that!

Be Street Smart

In times like these, being street smart comes handy. India is a place where ‘jugaad’ was invented. While travelling during demonetization, come up with other smart ways to obtain hard cash in case you are running out. For example, ask people at the restaurant to pay their bills with your card in return for cash from them. Or barter things. Get the archaic methods back in trend.

Use digital wallets at the places where acceptable

Ever since the #currencyban has hit the country, many places have started accepting payments through digital wallets be it grocery shops or departmental stores. In case you need a toothbrush or even a mosquito repellent, don’t think twice before getting it from the store or mart. Just make sure the place accepts payments via e-wallets.

Desperate times call for desperate measure! Travel during demonetization is difficult, but it is also exciting. Just pack your bags and hit the road. New experiences await you. Improvise your methods of travelling. Go cashless!