Important Guidelines for Airlines to protect passengers’ health during air travel

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) released a list of guidelines to be followed by all the airlines during Unlock 1.0. 

This will come into effect from 3rd June, 2020. 

The important directions issued by DGCA to safeguard travellers’ health are as following:

1. All passengers should be provided with safety kits by airlines, which shall include three-layered surgical mask, face shield, and adequate sanitizer (sachet/bottle). 

2. The airlines shall allot the seats in such a manner that the middle seat/ seat between two passengers is kept vacant if the passenger load and the seat capacity permits the same. However, the members from the same family may be allowed to sit together.

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3. If the middle seat is occupied due to passenger load, then additional protective equipment like ‘wrap around gown’ shall be provided to the individual occupying the intervening seat in addition to the three-layered mask and face shield.

4. No drinks or food shall be served onboard except in extreme circumstances arising due to health reasons. 

5. The passengers shall be advised by the airlines to follow the instructions and to not run to the entry/exit gate.

6. Airlines shall set the air-conditioning system in such a way that the air gets replaced at the shortest possible intervals.

7. Aircraft shall be sanitized after the end of each sector when there’s no passenger on board. However, on transit flights, when passengers are on board, the seats which have been vacated by the passengers shall be sanitized. At the end of the day, each aircraft should be deep-cleaned. 

8. Airplane lavatories shall be cleaned/sanitized frequently during the flight.

9. Airlines shall carry out health check-up of all crew regularly. All flying crew/ cabin crew shall be given full protective suits. 

10. In case of COVID-19 related medical emergencies on board, aircraft shall be disinfected with special attention to the affected & adjoining seats.

11. Airports/ Airlines shall explore the possibility of having a disinfection tunnel to ensure the safety of passengers after fully evaluating its implication on human beings. 

The aforesaid directions are in addition to those already prescribed by the Ministry of Civil Aviation / DGCA. 

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