Indian Passport Strengthens; Jumps 10 Ranks in The Last 5 Years

With more and more countries offering visa-free entry and visa on arrival to Indians, Indian passport has been continuing to strengthen on the global index.

According to the 2019 passport index, Indian passport has steadily strengthened over the last 5 years moving from rank 77 in 2015 to rank 67 in 2019. Last year, it stood at 68.

Also, here is what is worth noting;  25 countries now allow visa-free entry to Indian passport holders while 39 more nations offer visa on arrival.

Industry experts have cited that more and more countries are now opening up to Indian tourists, recognizing their spending power and their ability to return home, relieving them of any suspicion.

Conversely, through the past 5 years, the Indian government has also opened up its arms to foreign tourists. The tourism ministry now gives e-tourist visa facilities to 166 countries, a significant hike from 46 nations in 2014.