Indian Railways: More special trains coming soon

Following the increasing demand for special trains, Indian Railways would soon announce more such trains for passengers.

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Railway board chairman Vinod Kumar Yadav said, “It is a very difficult situation and people are travelling only when essential. We will be adding more special trains. However, running trains at full strength will take time and depends on how the COVID-19 situation changes.”

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There has been an encouraging trend of increasing occupancy in trains moving in the “reverse direction” from states such as Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Bihar to Mumbai and Gurajat.


“Now trains running from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, to Mumbai are at full occupancy. Similar is the case with trains from Bihar to Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh to Ahmedabad. This is a good sign that economic activity has started and people are returning to work,” he also added.

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Out of 230 special passenger trains, 78 trains were running at more than 100% occupancy, 43 trains at 75-100% and 27 trains at 50-75% (as on 26th June).

Also, the demand for Shramik Specials had been fully satisfied. So far, 4,594 Shramik Specials trains have run, ferrying 62.8 lakh passengers.

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