One Of The Most Romantic Cities In The World – Jaipur

Waking up to grandeur palaces, strolling in the old quarters, and fondling with the chaos of bygones is a typical day for holidaymakers in Jaipur. Adding to the omnipresent charm, the vibrant colours of the city, and stupendous architecture makes the milieu of Jaipur an even prettier place. Quite often, when we think about the beauty that has been bestowed upon this world, we forget to mention the gems, that our own land entails. 


Here’s some news to brighten up your day- Jaipur has been listed among one of the most romantic cities around the globe by With a mix of local spices, walls painted in red and pink, native markets covered under the veil of bright sunny colours, and the new vying with the old – Jaipur brings something for everyone.

One’s love for food, shopping, architectural excellence, history marvels, and a lot more is home to India’s diversity. Jaipur beholds the cacophony of love, culture, and remains from the past. Holidaymakers are often stunned by Jaipur’s skyscraping castles from the 14th century, lakes that adorn the vicinity, museums that hold relics from the bygone, aesthetic masterpieces, and a lot more.


Below is the list of all the cities that have won the title:

1) Paris, France                                                

2) Sydney, Australia

3) Venice, Italy                                              

4) Kyoto, Japan

5) Bruges, Belgium                                          

6) Buenos Aires, Argentina

7) Budapest, Hungary                                    

8) Dubrovnik, Croatia

9) Florence, Italy                                                

10) Prague, Czech Republic

11) Montreal, Canada                                      

12) Lisbon, Portugal

13) Wellington, New Zealand                          

14) Bath, England

15) San Sebastian, Spain                                  

16) Edinburgh, Scotland

17) New York City, USA                                    

18) Jaipur, India

19) Charleston, USA                                          

20) Marrakesh, Morocco

21) Cape Town, South Africa                            

22) Los Angeles, USA

23) Melbourne, Australia                                  

24) Dublin, Ireland

25) San Diego, California

Jaipur stands at the eighteenth position in the aforementioned list of worldwide romantic destinations, making the locale well worth the trip.

Like nowhere in the country, Jaipur’s people are dressed in hues of red, pink, and blue, making the site even more colourful and joyous. With endless variances of romantic endeavours tagged with the perfect setting, Jaipur has to be the place for all lovebirds.  

Many congratulations for the win!

About the author:

Shewali loves to cook. She is mostly travelling; if not blabbering or gorging. That’s all folks!