Know About the Duties of a TTE- More Than Just Ticket Checking!

The Indian Railways proudly boasts of being one of the biggest rail networks across the globe and it carries almost 20 million people every day!



Interesting Tidbits

We all have travelled by train at some point in our lives and the first person we encounter on boarding the train is TTE (Traveling Ticket Examiner) who checks our ticket and gives us a go ahead. The TTE is not there just for checking the tickets but has loads of other duties as well. We are listing some of the key responsibilities here, take a look:

Key Responsibilities

It is mandatory for TTEs to wear clean and neat uniforms with a proper badge on their duty. If you find a TTE in civilian clothes while on duty, you can report this to the station master.

It is the duty of TTE to assist passengers for any queries such as seat, food, refreshments, etc.

He should pay prompt attention to passenger complaints related to non-working of lights, fans, lamps etc and take the necessary steps for all such issues.

TTE should ensure property safety of travellers, for instance, it’s his/her duty to make sure that the doors of vestibuled trains are locked between 10 PM to 6 AM for preventing any outsiders from coming in.

In the sleeper coach TTEs should report for duty around 30 minutes before departure time.

One of the major responsibilities of a TTE is that he/she should ensure that vacant seats/berths should be allocated to waitlisted passengers on first come first serve basis on extra charges.

The TTEs have to make sure the ladies berths are allocated to ladies only and that men are prevented from booking those seats.

So next time you see a TTE while travelling, know that their job isn’t just to ask you: Ticket Please? 🙂