Let’s Hear Out Suresh Prabhu’s Dream

Ever dreamt of a less than 12-hour journey from one part of India to another? If yes, you and our very own Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu dream alike. 😛

At an international conference on Technology for Ultra High speed rolling stock, Prabhu said, “The average speed of all Indian Railways’ trains should increase. We are dreaming of an India where it doesn’t take more than 12 hours to travel from one part of the country to the other.”

Also, he added, “Hyperloop Technologies has come up with a commendable technology. I welcome Mr. Elon Musk. Siemens, Talgo, Maglev – I welcome all to come and manufacture here. I invite all companies, scientists, and inventors to Make In India.”

While stating that India is a growing market, Prabhu said, “We want to ensure that new technologies are made in India, and why just use for India, these players can then provide rolling stock for the world after basing their manufacturing plants here”.

He even mentioned how important consumer experience was and further highlighted his vision for the Railways, “We want to enhance customer experience, safety, bring in speed and augment capacity. The idea is to enhance the average speed of all trains so that everyone benefits”.

He added, “We know that speed of implementation of speed will take time, but we have to begin somewhere. The speed at which the idea of high-speed trains & enhancing speed of all trains has been carried forward is great”.