New Railway Lines To Link All Buddhist Pilgrimage Centres In The Country

Indian Railways is all set to launch new trains that will connect all the Buddhist Pilgrimage Centres across the country. 

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These trains aim to boost tourism as travellers will be able to see all the iconic destinations dedicated to Gautama Buddha.

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A few of these railway lines are already in the execution stage.

The new railway lines that will link the Buddhist Pilgrimage Centres are as follows: 

  • The railway line from Gaya will go to Bodhgaya, Chatra and Natesar
  • The route from Rajgir will connect Hisua and Tilaiya 
  • There will be other railway lines that will connect Natesar to Islampur, Kapilvastu to Basti, Bahraich to Shravasti and Balrampur/Tulsipur and lastly, Padrauna to Kushinagar via Gorakhpur 

Currently, Indian Railways operates an IRCTC Buddhist Tourist Train that covers Gaya, Rajgir, Nalanda, Varanasi, Sarnath among other destinations.