Now Order Pizzas And Burgers On Trains!

Foodies, hope you are reading this one.

What if you get to know that pizzas and burgers would be now be delivered right to the passengers’ coaches. Interesting, isn’t it? And in case you have any last-minute orders, don’t worry much as there would be delivery boys waiting with ready-to-serve pizzas and burgers on platforms.

Many leading quick service restaurants (QSR) including KFC, Domino’s Pizza, Subway, Pizza Hut are setting their stores at railway stations to extend their services to over 23 million train passengers boarding 12,000 trains every day. The objective is to tap the segment of train passengers.

As per COO of Travel Food Services, Gaurav Dewan, “With the rapid growth of passenger traffic and growing disposable income, brands cannot choose to ignore this segment for too long”.

Soon food services companies would set up food courts that would provide both national and international brands for passengers to be able to order food as per their choice. Moreover, some of the fast-food chains have taken this seriously and come up with special menus. For instance, a gas-fired oven has been developed by Domino’s that works without electricity. It is believed that the oven would be able to make pizzas in 3 minutes that too without compromising on texture and taste.