Get ready to take your adrenaline rush to the maximum with white water rafting in Rishikesh!



If you are looking for a weekend escape in which you can take your adrenaline rush to the maximum, then white water rafting in Rishikesh is the one you must go for. Located just 236 km from the national capital, it is in Rishikesh that the Ganga leaves the Himalayas and starts its journey through the great North Indian plains. Rafting on the mighty Ganga is every adventure seeker’s dream come true. Hence this place provides the most turbulent grade 5 rapids to the mildest grade 1 rapids, making it suitable for all.


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Various camps are set up every year on the banks of the River Ganga, where you can stay for two to three days and enjoy rafting along with a few additional outdoor activities like volleyball, cliff jumping and trekking. The rafting starts from Shivpuri which is 18 km away from Rishikesh and ends at Laxman Jhula. There are around 13 river rapids over a stretch of 36 km from Kaudiyala to Rishikesh. These rapids are popular among both beginners and adrenaline junkies and have got interesting names.


While in Rishikesh, one can raft down rapids like Sweet Sixteen (grade 1), Roller Coaster, Marine Drive (grade 2), Three Blind Mice and Crossfire (grade 3), Roller Coaster and Golf Course (grade 4). Beginners might find the initial stint on these turbulent rapids a little scary, but as the raft starts gaining momentum, the ride becomes enjoyable by the minute. This is when the real adventure begins. As one struggles to stay on board as the raft cuts through the rapids one has to grapple with the oars and the rapids. The release of energy needed to do this, makes the activity a great stress-buster.


But it’s not only the rapids that make this sport so adventurous, the scenic beauty of the place is a bonus. While you are on the raft, you can enjoy the charm of the picturesque foothills of the Himalayan range. White water rafting in Rishikesh is among the best things that one can do to forget the hectic urban life for some time. It is a great way to explore one’s inner strengths and at the same time boost self-confidence. Most of all, it’s something that will keep pulling you back to Rishikesh every season.


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A few pointers


    • Some of the essentials to carry on a rafting tour include goggles, antiseptic cream, sports shoes, nylon shorts, a swimsuit, sandals and a hat.


    • Dress in layers in order to remove (or add) clothes easily to adjust to changing temperature and activity level.


    • The rafter must be fit, both physically and mentally.


    • The rafter should not have hydrophobia, fear of water.


    • Remember to carry dry bags to keep your belongings safe.


    • Do not forget your medications (like insulin, inhalers etc).


Rafting Packages in Rishikesh


    • Alakananda River Rafting is offering a 2N-3D package in which the rafting distance is 32 km from Kaudiyala to Nem Beach (Rishikesh). The package costs INR 6,500 per person. For bookings and other packages, visit http://www.alaknandariverrafting.in/


  • G5 Adventure is offering a 1N-2D package in which the rafting distance is 16 km from Brahmpuri to Rishikesh. The package costs INR 1,599 per person. For bookings and other packages, visit http://www.adventurerafting.in/


  • Camp 5 Elements is offering a 2N3D package that includes all meals, two stretches of rafting, all camp activities, beach activities, kayaking, volleyball, rappelling and rock-climbing. The package costs INR 5,600 per person. For bookings and other packages, visit www.leisurehotels.co.in/kaudiyala/



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