Smart Hacks Every Corporate Traveller Must Know

Business travel looks glamorous and plain sailing. But only the ones who have to fly between the cities for corporate meetings and business routines know how daunting a task of packing luggage and booking tickets is. If you are wondering how George Clooney managed to be ‘Up in the Air’ so effortlessly, he was because he followed smart and simple hacks for business travel. Here is business travel made easier for you.

Choosing your bag

Make sure you carry a small and malleable bag that is less likely to be taken from you at the gate. No check-in baggage means zero time spent at the baggage carousel. Thus, saving you a lot of time. A right-sized duffel bag should meet all the requirements.


Pack smart

Roll your clothes instead of folding them. Wrap crisply ironed shirts in layers of newspaper. Put shoes foot-to-toe at the bottom of the suitcase. Use the inside of the shoes to put rolled up socks or other stuff. Pack one colour scheme to match all your outfits. Follow easy tips for packing luggage like a pro.


Keep scanned copies of your IDs and documents on your phone

Organize all your documents digitally, so that you don’t have to rummage through your luggage for the hard copies of these documents. Besides, back-ups come handy when you inadvertently misplace the original documents.


Be app-smart

Download your airline app for web check-in and tracking the status of your flight. Use ixigo app for flights and hotel bookings. Other must-have apps include cab and car rentals, Wi-Fi finder. You can have a free scanner app on your phone to keep track of all receipts and bills. After all, what else your smartphone is for.


Check for hotel loyalty programs and frequent flyer miles

Take advantage of hotels and airlines loyalty programs in case you are a frequent traveller. These deals come with add-on discounts and special offers. You can also check for exclusive deals and reward schemes on your credit cards.


Carry small bottles/ pack of toiletries in your travel kit

Stash all your toiletries like toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, etc. in a single pouch and keep it separate for trip purposes only. The small kit will not only take small space in your luggage but will also limit any spills.


Clear the cookies

When you book a flight online, make sure you clear the browser history and cookies to get the cheapest price available. It is a smart hack for business travel. You can also compare the flights fares with ixigo flights before you make a final booking.


Carry USB chargers and multiplug adapters

Since you are on business travel, it is only imperative that your phone and laptop are charged all the time. The chargers and adapters will take a lot of space. Hence, it is smart to carry a single multi-plug adapter that works in all countries.


Make a little time for sightseeing too

Don’t get all so caught up in meetings and conferences that you don’t get time to roam around the city. When travelling is one of the perks of your job, make sure you utilise it to the maximum. Make some time to visit the famous landmarks and try the local cuisine.


If George Clooney could travel in style, so can you. All you have to do is follow these hacks for business travel. No rocket science, just a little streetwise and smart planning.