Street Food In India Under INR 100

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Yes you! I know how much you love gorging on delicious (not-so-healthy) food. Wanna taste the best street food in India under INR 100? Read on.

Aren’t you one of those whose favorite line is “Bhaiya please thoda spicy kam rakhna and sukha papdi dena mat bhulna” when you go for golgappas? Yes, if you are one of those then this article is your saviour. Ever wondered what all you can have with just INR 100 in your pocket? Well you can actually explore a lot of places! So don’t limit yourself to jalebi, kachori or golgappa when the best cities have so much to offer you. Let’s taste the best street food in India under INR 100.

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Mumbai’s Keema Pav

Not just the usual vada pav but the pav stuffed with minced meat. Though there are several popular local food items in mumbai, this delicious combination is a must have.

Where you can try: Olympia Coffee House, Colaba.


Kolkata’s Churmur

Not fond of messy and wet golgappas? Try churmur–a variation of golgappa with all the ingredients crushed. Now it sounds perfect right? Don’t forget to add some Kolkata special chutney for some extra flavor.

Where you can try: Kali Bari, Southern Avenue.


Guwahati’s Momos

India loves momos. Ask anyone about their favorite street food and you will know the answer. And where would you find the best momos? Yes, Guwahati. Though there are several restaurants in Guwahati, but Momo Ghar wins the race for sure.

Where you can try: Momo Ghar, Ambari.


Patna’s Litti Chokha

If you take a trip to Patna, you don’t have to go really far to find a litti chokha shop. But the best littis are made in the villages on fuel made of cow dung. Served with a bowl of pure melted ghee, do try it without the fear of gaining weight. It’s worth it!

Where you can try: Stall at Platform 1 of Patna Junction or Maurya Lok.


New Delhi’s Tikki

Delhi’s tikkis are world famous. And if you ask me where to try, the only name that comes to my mind is Bittoo Tikki Wala. This place serves the best tikkis which are crispy enough to beat your winter blues.

Where you can try: Bittoo Tikki Wala, Pitampura.


Chennai’s Egg Stew

I know you thought I will tell you something very common about Chennai. But if you really like to try something different do try the egg stew. The stew is made from banana stem and an egg is put into the soup bowl. Interesting, isn’t it?

Where you can try: Abdul Aziz stall between Rajaji Salai and Beach Road.


Bangalore’s Chocolate Sandwich

No idli, no uttapam but yummy chocolate sandwich. Yes, this unique dish is very famous among Bangaloreans and if you visit Bangalore you should try this sandwich at least once at the sandwich zone.

Where you can try: Hari’s Sandwich Zone, Jayanagar


Hyderabad’s Dosa

If you want to eat like a local in Hyderabad, visit Ram ki Bandi. This is one of the first late night eateries which serves several types of dosas. So if you are hungry in the middle of the night you know where to go.

Where you can try: Ram ki Bandi, Mozamjahi Market, Nampally.


Amritsar’s Mutton Chaap

How can you choose from the best food items in Amritsar? I will tell you. Go and try the mutton chaap-the shallow fried, tender and slow cooked meat is a spicy dish and a must have for the meat lovers.

Where you can try: C-Block, Market Complex near Rose Garden.


Ahmedabad’s Keema Samosas

Why have the normal samosas when you can have samosas stuffed with keema? Doesn’t it sound delicious? Yes, bite into it and set off to a different world! Though there are a lot of really popular local food restaurants in ahmedabad, nothing can beat Bera’s Samosas.

Where you can try: Bhatiyar Galli, Bhadra, Ahmedabad.


Ok ok that’s all we have for you now! If you liked street food in India under INR 100 then leave a comment so that I can research more for you and continue this journey on a whole new level. So grab a 100 rupee note and gulp down your favorite dish. Happy travels!

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