Swachh Bharat: Railways Increases Bio-Toilets to Improve Hygiene in Trains

In order to improve cleanliness in train coaches, bio-toilets have been installed by Railways in train coaches. The bio-toilets help in eliminating the direct discharge of human waste onto rail tracks. 

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While there were just 57 bio-toilets installed in 31 coaches in January 2011, now more than 2.2 lakh bio-toilets have been installed in nearly 61,500 passenger coaches.

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Here are the top features of these bio-toilets:

1. Bio-Vacuum:This system ensures that human waste discharges into a biodegradable tank. This is a very useful feature as it helps reduce water consumption and bad odour.

2. Trolley-mounted mobile sewage evacuation machine: Used for safe disposal of bio-waste from train coaches, the machine prevents the workers from coming in direct contact with waste material.

3. Steam trap and Dustbin:
The toilets are equipped with stainless steel dustbins. Moreover, steam traps are installed, making sure that the bio tank does not overflow.

4. Wireless automatic clog detection system: This system has sensors installed that automatically detect choking in the toilets and alert on-board cleaning staff immediately via SMS.