The Bandhan of Travel: Top Reasons to Go on a Vacation with Your Sibling This Rakhi

“Because I have a brother, I will always have a friend”– Sisters from all over the world.

Definition of a brother–the most important man in a girl’s life after her father, the one who nags, irritates and insults you constantly. But hey, it’s okay, along with all the bullying and insulting, comes a lot of love which is extraordinary. So, why not celebrate Raksha Bandhan with a twist this time?

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Come cherish those childhood memories again as we give you some of the many reasons to travel with your brother around this festive holiday.


Expenses? What’s that?

One of the best reasons for travelling with your sibling is that you don’t have to think much about the expenditure part. Your parents are most likely to sponsor the trip.


That Comfort Zone

The greatest advantage when travelling with your brother is that you really don’t have to bother about your looks. The way you sit, your clothes, or your unshaven legs, nothing will really matter. Since you two have grown up together, there is no place for any embarrassment.


The Sibling Rivalry

The fights are something we all have grown up with. So now cherish those days again and let your brother annoy you throughout the trip. Admit it! This is something you miss now, right?


Your Personal Bodyguard

One of the reasons to travel with your brother is that you no longer have to think about safety. Even when he is not the biggest guy, your very own superman will protect you from the world.

When your adorable ninja is around you, no one will dare to gawk at you.


Your First And Best Roommate

If you have shared your room with your brother since childhood, you know what we are talking about. Your first and probably the best roommate. From sharing secrets, tears, laughter, to what not? It’s time to refresh those memories again!


Bring Out the Child In You

Hey, remember those days when you had to play cricket with him or you forced him to play with your kitchen set? Well, times have changed now, so why not indulge in some fun activity that you both can enjoy? Let the adrenaline take over you guys!


Silly Inside Jokes

There are a few things that only you and your brother can understand. So with this trip, you can relish those days again. Let your eyes talk and giggle throughout the trip. Definite freedom from routine life!


Do you really need more reasons to call him right now and plan a trip? Go, plan and get ready for cherishing those years, old moments and love once again. Happy travels!