These Plastic Roads In India Are Changing The World

Every single time when you set your foot out of your house, car, bus or train- you hit the road. These roads take you from one city to another town and to a different state altogether. Roads account for an essential, integral and intrinsic part of our life and yet we never noticed what good we could bring to them.

Plastic Waste

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JUSCO (Jamshedpur Utility and Services Company), which is an absolute subsidiary of Tata Steel took a remarkable initiative of making roads out of plastic. Now these roads are not only eco-friendly; since they eat up a lot of plastic which is hard to discard, but also save huge money.

Road made of Plastic 1

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Using the same technology for every one km long road, a tonne of bitumen is saved, which costs 50,000 INR. And the good news just doesn’t end here. There is certainly no toxic emission, is water resistant, has higher softening point, improved binding property, lower penetration value and can withstand high temperature and pressure.


This road is made of plastic

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Jamshedpur is the only city in eastern India to have such roads and there’s one in highly populated areas of Mumbai. There is no maintenance cost for the first five years, and this makes it even more high yielding. In fact, when it comes to the longevity, these roads are two times better than the usual ones.


Road made of plastic 3

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Aren’t you a proud Indian now? It is one of its kinds in the entire world and we have set a benchmark for countries like Nigeria and Australia.

Way to go!