Top 10 Adventure Sports In The World

Hey adventure lovers, here is a list of top 10 adventure sports in the world which are guaranteed to give you an adrenaline rush. So, pack your bags and head to these destinations as it’s time to give your adventure wishes a major push on this vacation.


Do you know Highlining (slacklining) is considered as the pinnacle of sport. Enjoy this exciting and thrilling adventure sport at Yosemite National Park, one of the famous attractions in California!


Wing Walking

Wing Walking is definitely one of those dangerous aerial adventures to experience in a lifetime. You can enjoy Wing Walking in most of the cities in the United Kingdom as there are a number of operators here who will be more than happy to help you on this.


Base Jumping

For that ultimate thrill, try one of the most dangerous yet favorite sports for adventure buffs, Base Jumping. Though this sport is not for the weak hearted, but the risk is worth it!



Also known as Boogie Boarding, Bodyboarding is an exciting water sport for all water lovers out there. So wait no more, hit the beach, and try this amazing activity. USA is one of the most popular destinations to try bodyboarding.


Rock Climbing

Become a rock jock this vacation with Rock Climbing. It is one of the famous adventure sports in California with a lot of adventurers taking this up on their vacation. So if you are reasonably fit, try this sport at least once in your lifetime.


Cave Diving

How about exploring beautiful, water-filled caves? Cave Diving is one of the most adventurous sports in the world. Places like Russia, Florida, France offer great experiences in Cave Diving.


Cage of Death, Crocosaurus Cove

Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin is definitely one of the best bets for all those who love something dangerous and unique. Get up close and personal with Australia’s iconic Saltwater Crocodiles in this breathtaking adventure.



Surfing is the art of wave riding. You can enjoy surfing in various parts of the globe and there are a lot of surfing options in India as well. So now you know what to try on your next vacation in India? Surfing it is!


Wingsuit Flying

Do you want to experience the joy of flying? Then enjoy Wingsuit flying at Skydive in Dubai which is one of a kind experience for all the adventure enthusiasts.


Trekking on Wooden Planks

Do you wish to trek at one of the most dangerous paths in the World? Then you should visit the Mount Hua in China. Arguably one of the most dangerous and interesting trekking trails across the globe, it is definitely worth exploring.

Well, wait no more, bring out the adventure junkie from inside you and pick from these top 10 adventure sports in the world and prepare for the adrenaline rush of a lifetime!