TOP 7 Experiences to Gift Your Kids This Children’s Day!

Wearing our favourite clothes, enjoying picnics, video games, summer vacations and comics, Children’s Day is a part of our fondest childhood memories.

It reminds us of that glorious time when we had no responsibilities and math was our biggest problem!

So this Children’s Day, instead of toys, why not gift your kids some amazing memories? We present to you the TOP 7 adventures you can have with your kids that they will always remember:

1. Go Road Tripping!

Road trips are an amazing way to bond with your kids, not to mention a great way to introduce them to travel! Pause for a picnic, click loads of selfies and take spontaneous detours.

2. Camping Anyone?

Surprise your kids by planning a camping trip! Read stories under a flashlight, gaze at the stars in the sky and maybe even spot a hooting owl. The best part? You can even do this in your backyard!

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3. Amusement Park Calling!

Nothing makes kids happier than a trip to an amusement park! Ride the scariest roller-coasters, go on the Ferris wheel, splash at the colourful water slides and have a day full of utter craziness!

4. Did Someone Say Trekking?

A wonderful way to experience nature, trekking is also one of the best experiences you can gift to your kids. It boosts their confidence, teaches them life skills and helps them make new friends! Some kid-friendly treks include Dodital Trek and Nag Tibba Trek.

5. Volunteering

Volunteering teaches kids to be kind and empathetic and it also boosts their morals. A great way to spend Children’s Day can be volunteering at the animal shelter or by spending time with the less privileged kids.

6. Wildlife Adventure!

Seeing animals in their natural habitat is an experience every child should have. Take your kids for a thrilling wildlife safari at the Ranthambore National Park or at the Jim Corbett National Park for a roaring adventure!

7. Dreamy Hot Air Balloon Ride

Magical ride amongst the clouds anyone? An adventure like no other, a hot air balloon ride is an experience your child will always remember!

So which of these adventures are you going to have with your kids this Children’s Day? Do let us know!