What Makes the Proposed Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train So Special?

After a 14.2% hike and some proposed changes, the Rail Budget for 2014 did bring in an awesome news. An announcement that made us remember the lessons on Japanese Rail System which we read in Class II probably.


Yes, we are talking of the super fast bullet train that the Rail Minister announced for Mumbai-Ahmedabad route. If the announcement has left you rejoicing yet wondering as to what makes this train as special as its name, here’s the nitty-gritty of the same.


Speed Is What It Should Be – Top Speed 

Photo Courtesy – cocoinmagnolia.com

Well, a ride on the proposed bullet train can do that to your hair. Reason being its operating speed of 350 km/hour! Seems like the Indian Railways is all set for a flying streak now. That sounds as fast as a speeding bullet right.


Time Travel, Anyone?

Photo Courtesy – modelbuilidingsecrets

Reducing the fastest travelling time on the Mumbai and Ahmedabad rail network (520 km) from around 7 hours to a maximum of 4 hours, the proposed bullet train is as close to TARDIS, Doctor’s Who time machine, as you can get. While time travelling between parallel universes is what TARDIS can do, we are still more than glad to test run it by hopping between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. 


The Money Game

One of the costliest Indian rail projects ever, there is a lot of money going for this one. Though the comfort factor would probably be world class, a ticket to Ahmedabad/Mumbai in this bullet train will cost you almost the same as a train ticket for any First Class train coach. Other than that, the project cost for this one is pegged at a whopping ₹ 60,000 crores!


Seems like the Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train will make train journeys quite comfortable for lakhs of travellers, for it offers wi-fi service and other amenities as well. With an estimated capacity of hosting 800 people on board in a journey, this proposal seems like the best that has come out of the Rail Budget for travellers.