Where Is Hot In January?

Do you know what my favorite thing about winters is? Well, when it gets over! So, my friend, if you are like me and hate winters than you are at the right place. It’s time to escape this depressing season and get ready to embrace some sunshine. How? Here are 6 best places to visit in January that will surely beat away your winter blues. So stop everything right now and imagine yourself under the January sun, blissful right? Read on.



Cape Town

Average Temperature in January: 22°C
Average Hours Of Sunshine: 10 hours

Cape Town in January is something you shouldn’t miss. It is an excellent time to opt for outdoor activities such as skydiving, wave surfing and so on. And yes, don’t miss the fabulous sight-seeing of this stunning place which includes, Table Mountain, Robben Island and many more.


Average Temperature in January: 19°C
Average Hours Of Sunshine: 8 hours

Which is the best destination you should fly to, when you have 8 long weekends in 2017 and one falls in January? Yes, you are right Dubai it is. With a shopping extravaganza that started on December 26, 2016 and will go on until January 28, 2017, you don’t need any more reason to choose this breathtaking beauty, right?



Average Temperature in January: 27°C
Average Hours Of Sunshine: 9 hours

There are several reasons to visit Maldives, one of which is its fantastic weather. The warm, beautiful beaches, the cooling breeze with gorgeous landscapes makes this the ultimate destination for January. It is truly a paradise for travelers who hate winters.



Average Temperature in January: 23°C
Average Hours Of Sunshine: 9 hours

Who needs a dose of vitamin sea? With almost 9 hours of sunshine, Sydney is a perfect place to visit this January. Home to a lot of beautiful attractions, this desirable destination has the most refreshing climate which makes it one of the most gorgeous places on planet earth.



Average Temperature in January: 27°C
Average Hours Of Sunshine: 9 hours

Have you visited the world’s largest places in Thailand yet? If no then this January you should cover them all. From world’s largest solid gold statue, largest crocodile in captivity to world’s largest weekend market, Thailand is surely a mesmerizing destination.



Average Temperature in January: 25°C
Average Hours Of Sunshine: 10 hours

How can we complete the list without including the most happening place, Goa? If you don’t wish to fly outside India, then Goa is the best place to visit in January. This piece of paradise is blessed with stunning sandy beaches, marvelous terrains and with the gorgeous hot sun over you, what more could you have asked for?



With these 6 best places to visit in January, you can easily escape the bone-chilling weather. So gear up, pack some summery clothes, book tickets and head to your favorite destination.

Happy winters, oops! Happy summers everyone!