World’s Most Thrilling Cable Rides!

Wind that brushes your hair at 25mph or more, your fists clenched and your jaw tight with sheer tension, hair on your neck bristling of raw energy, you swinging by mere ropes in mid-air – a thrill like never before! If that reads like some crazy, adrenalin pumping stunt that they air on National Geographic, I would better ask you to calm down, for this is as safe as such an adventure can ever be.


Yes, this and much more to be experienced in world’s most famous cable rides. A lifetime’s adventure, yet as close to safety as you can ever be on an adventure, these rides are worth all the hype, all the moolah spent and all the travelling done. All for just one ride. Choose one, or all. Hop on.


1) Sugarloaf Mountain Cable Car, Rio de Janeiro – A 1300 ft spin to the top awaits you here!

Photo Courtesy – Pão de Açúcar


2) Genting Skyways, Malaysia – Try If A 3.4 km Glide In The Clouds Doesn’t Sound Spooky To You!



3) Table Mountain Cable Car, Cape Town – Its Revolving Floor Will Get You A 360 Degree View. And, Some Goosebumps.

Photo Courtesy – flowcomm


4) Mount Sanqingshan Cable Car, China – This One Takes You Atop One Of The 5 Most Beautiful Mountains In China!



5) Tianmen Mountain Cable Car, China – Also Hailed As “World’s Longest Passenger High Mountains Cableway”



6) Grindelwald-Mannlichen Cableway, Switzerland – This One Is… Hold Your Breath… The Longest Gondola Cableway In Europe!

Photo Courtesy – Official Website


7) Gulmarg Gondola, India – World’s Second Highest Operating Cable Car, Right Here In India!



8) Aiguille di Midi Cable Car, France – A 2700 Mts Ascent In Just 20 Minutes. Awesome!



9) Mount Titlis Cable Car, Switzerland – A 360 Degrees Mountain View in Just 5 Minutes!

Photo Courtesy – Official Website


10) Shinhotaka Ropeway, Japan – Double Decker Cabins In An Aerial Lift! Well, Only Japan Can Do This!

If this list of world’s most thrilling cable rides has made you crave for the high winds and a very different of sightseeing, plan a trip fast. Who knows you might miss a ride!
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