DIY: Old Buses Into Personal Luxury Hotels

Look? What happens with a love like that? It creates countless travel memories!og-bus

Well, there’s a reason why you see so many posts related to travel these days. Everyone tells you where to go and what to do, but an advice like this doesn’t come easy. For what it’s worth, the world is working to make you travel. 

Converting an old bus to a full fledged RV is a craving dream of many travellers. Who doesn’t want to sleep and ogle at stars while they cross one road after another?  So in this post, we will tell you how to convert a bus into a recreational vehicle.

1. First, start with a really big old bus Bus

Love it from a distance and think how you will turn it into a grandeur masterpiece. Worship it from the outside and the inside. 

Bus from inside 2

Scrap it properly before you turn it into your super wagon. Make sure you cover the wheel with a covering. 

Scrapping 3School buses should do fine for a travel bus for 8 people. Find a good auction or bus barns in your vicinity and pick your sturdy. Put key attention to the condition of the bus and how it has been over the years.

2. Colourcolor bus 7

Colouring is to bus what garnishing is to food. No matter how good it is from the inside, the first look should be able to kill.  colour bus part 7

Choose a key color to rejuvenate your bus. Remember that many societies and areas are not welcoming towards a hippie van, therefore, keep a conservative colour.

3. Start with the inside

Sort your priorities first and how you are going to pursue them. For eg, choice of flooring, revamping the windows etc. flooring 4

The initial scraping is essential for the bus. Then comes the cleaning and painting. Colour from inside 8

Once you’re done with the exteriors and the basic interiors, the real task begins. Anchor your interests at one point and move once the task is done. A lot of scrappings would be needed to turn it into something desirable.

4. Interiors

The trick is to use chalk and draw your entire area. Mark up with lines, dots or numbers, as to where and how you will use it. Walk through it for days and come to a conclusion. It’s the best way to deal with the interiors. A bus is very spacious from the inside if used properly, if not, it will create a chaotic interior.
Insulation- Ensure that you put ample of insulation inside the bus as you put in your homes; it would serve as great soundproofing and a wall for road heat. building 5
Flooring- The initial scraping would give you a clean and tidy floor. You can now do whatever you want with the design, however, plywood subflooring is highly recommendable. It’s durable, looks good and goes a long way. 6NmYxKJ
Electrification- The electrical system is the nervous system of your bus. Put some mind and thought while you plant cables and sockets. Electrification 6 
Framing- Once you’re done with churning out the basics, jump to the framing. Create a frame that you want in the bus. Frames for bed, wardrobe, kitchen, couch etc. You should be able to foresee how it will look once the work is done; that’s how the process should be. Kitchen 5
Electrification, plumbing and woodwork must align with your POA.

5. The storage unit

A smart combination of hacks and tips can make your journey affable. Use bungee cord to keep off your hangers from flying, use sticky notes to guide people through your bus sans invasion of your stuff, make extra space for stationary items in pocket holes, fabricate a desk for your laptop on the sides, a roof deck for heavy stuff etc. 

Space under your couch can serve as a great concealed place for all valuablesstorage 14
Upper deck to keep heavy luggage. construct the uppper deck 9

Make some way for hidden storage inside the wagon as well. The compact is the new sexy!hidden chest 13

Use hangers to make everything extra usable and less on spacing. toilet 22

6. The final touch up

The final touch up should be done at several places. Especially on the outside of the bus for an absolute airbrushing to finish the exteriors with efficiency, Addendum to it, it is imperative that you make enough space for storage, which I have already mentioned above. Make covert shelves and hidden almirah. One can use the space inside bed or sofa. beds 17

A modern bed isn’t just about sleeping, it’s a lot more. beds 18

And even then, it is easy on the comfort.beds final 21

Cover them with curtains for your personal space and magic. *Ahem*cover beds 20

These buses are more than just random vehicles turned into a living space for travelling. They are the  customized products of a traveller’s mind. One can do almost everything that you want. There’s a library, chilling bay, working space and a view worth killing for. Final work 11

This is your world within a bus.frideg and microvawe 16getting final 15insdiee 12

If you happen to have 3 a.m. friends, some money and few weeks to absorb the beauty of this world, do create this prodigy.PVZO6xjTHE BUS

Image credits: Serendipitibus

At last, give the chick a name.

About the author:

Shewali loves to cook. She is mostly travelling; if not blabbering or gorging. That’s all folks!

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