5 measures taken by Railways to contain the spread of COVID-19

Travelling during COVID-19 is worrisome, but Railways is trying its best to reduce the risk and offer a safe and comfortable travel experience for passengers.

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Here are the 5 key steps being taken by the national transporter:

1. Ticket checking through QR codes

In trains, TTE will now scan the QR code from mobile and check the ticket. This step has been taken in order to keep the checking contactless.

This facility is already operational  at the Tatanagar Station.

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2. Health kiosks at various stations

Central Railway has taken the initiative to install health kiosks at Kalyan, Thane, LTT stations in Mumbai. In addition, e-tenders have also been requested for setting up health ATMs in 12 suburban stations. If any passenger is in need of a fresh mask, sanitizer or gloves, he/she will be provided with the same at a very nominal cost.

3. Railways creates post-COVID coach

For a safe journey, Railways creates 1st ‘Post COVID Coach’ with hands-free amenities, copper-coated handrails & latches, plasma air purification and titanium di-oxide coating.

Also, in a bid to tackle the coronavirus situation in India, the Ministry of Railways has issued important guidelines for train passengers. Read here..

4. Innovative social distancing device

The Thiruvananthapuram Division of the Southern Railway zone has developed a social distancing device for the safety of on-duty Railway employees. This device will make a warning alarm sound if 2 or more people wearing it happen to come within a distance of 2-3 metres of each other. The device, which is small enough to attach to ID cards or even wristwatches, will continue to produce the alarm sound until the 3 meters distance is ensured.

5. Stalls installed to provide COVID kits

Central Railways is installing COVID kit vending stalls at 8 stations, with one already functional at the Nagpur railway station. Travellers can buy bed rolls, PPE kits, masks, gloves, sanitizer bottles and even face shields at these self-operated, vending machine style stalls.

One such stall is already operational in Jabalpur, here are the details:

Indian Railways is doing a commendable job by taking all the necessary steps to ensure the safety of travellers as well as its employees.