5 Scenic Bus Routes in India You Can’t Afford to Miss

India is a land of diverse routes with scenic beauty across various landscapes.

Usually, bus rides are synonymous with uncomfortable journeys and jerks along the way. Nonetheless, buses are one of the best ways to travel across the country. They are cheap and easily available as a public transport.

Some bus routes in India are extremely beautiful and are widely appreciated for their amazing beauty. Here are the top 5 routes you must take at least once —

हिंदी मे पढ़ें…

Mumbai – Goa

The 600 km road, connecting Mumbai to Goa, is blessed with lush greenery, ghats and water bodies.

Travel Cost: Starting INR 1000
Duration: 10 – 12 hours approximately

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Chennai – Puducherry

The route from Chennai to Puducherry is one of the most scenic routes on the Indian coastline. One side of the road, gives you a glimpse into the Bay of Bengal, while the other side flourishes with lush green plantations.

Travel Cost: Starting INR 300
Duration: 3 hours approximately

Bengaluru – Ooty

This bus journey from Bengaluru to Ooty is unique in its own way. The journey starts from the crowded and narrow streets of Bengaluru and ends at the serene and lush green Ooty. The change in the landscapes will make you gape in awe.

Travel Cost: Starting INR 1000
Duration: 7 hours approximately

Delhi – Leh

One of the most popular bus trips in India, New Delhi to Leh is filled with immense scenic beauty. Away from the crowded Delhi streets, moving towards the Himalayan foothills is an experience to behold.

Travel Cost: Starting INR 1300
Duration: 40 hours approximately

Kolkata – Darjeeling

This bus route between Kolkata and Darjeeling passing through Siliguri is a major attraction. This route traversing through clear rivers, forest areas, great plantation fields and lush greenery is admirable.

Travel Cost: Starting INR 1000
Duration: 40 hours approximately

So, which bus journey will you take?

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