Air India Baggage Allowance

The Air India check-in baggage allowance for each class varies. For passengers travelling in First class, a total of 40 kgs is allowed to be carried on board with them, while Business class allows 35 kgs and Economy 25 kgs. Infants in all the classes are entitled to an allowance of one piece of luggage, weighing not more than 10 kgs.

These criteria apply only to domestic flights within India, so make sure you check whether they are applicable to your destination before your trip begins! Air India allows passengers to bring onboard hand baggage of up to 8 kgs each, with dimensions not exceeding 115 cm. It also allows one collapsible stroller as carry-on luggage for infants. It is advisable to check updated information on the airline’s website.

Air India Extra Baggage Charges 

The extra baggage fee for Air India passengers in domestic flights is INR 600 per kilogram, with an additional GST charge. The passenger can take 10 kgs of hand baggage with them on the plane, but if their carry-on is more than that, they will have to add that with the check-in baggage. With the carry-on baggage allowance, the passenger can also take with them a lady’s handbag and other essentials, like medicines or a laptop.


Q. How much check-in baggage is allowed in Air India? 

There are different baggage allowances for domestic Air India flights, depending on the class you’re flying in. For the First class, the limit is 40 kgs. For Business class, it’s 35 kgs and for Economy, it’s 25 kgs. If you have excess baggage, you may be charged a fee by the airline. So, it’s always best to check with Air India before your flight to avoid any surprises at the airport.

Q. Is there any baggage allowance for infants in Air India? 

Infants in all the classes of Air India are allowed to carry 10 kgs as check-in baggage. They are also allowed one collapsible stroller or a small car seat without any additional charges.

Q. Is there any baggage allowance for students on Air India? 

Yes, for certain international destinations and routes, Air India offers students an additional baggage allowance of 20 kgs at no extra cost. Discounts and allowances may vary from airline to airline so it’s best to check with your chosen carrier before booking your ticket.