An Inward Journey (My diary)

Delving into the depths of the aquamarine waters in Lakshwadeep brought me up close and personal with a world that I never thought had existed.


I was feeling terribly bogged down by my hectic city lifestyle which essentially involves a lot of multi-tasking. The sheer pressure of managing myriad roles in my life was in a way getting to me. I could sense an urgent need to slow down and take a break in the midst of pristine natural realms, so that I could come back refreshed and rejuvenated.


Agatti Island in Lakshadweep was a natural choice as the roar of the ocean waves and the gentle rustle of the palm leaves when they bend and sway in the cool breeze, had occupied my mind for quite some time. As the plane touched down at the Agatti Airport, I was more than glad of having made the right choice. The sight of the pristine white beaches, feel of the cool crisp air and the absolute tranquillity of the place had already begun to act like a balm on my city-weary soul.



Agatti Island in Lakshwadeep

I stayed at the Sea Shells Beach Luxury Resort where my quaint thatched cottage was surrounded by acres of silvery sand, washed by the azure blue waters, and visited by countless seagulls. It was just the perfect setting to sit back, relax, and contemplate on life and its ways.


The next day I ventured out to explore the island and its surrounding waters. Agatti Island is a diver’s paradise and the resort has access to two mesmerisingly beautiful lagoons. Those are just perfect for a bout of scuba diving, snorkelling or deep sea diving – all under the expert guidance of the trained instructors. Delving into the depths of the aquamarine waters brought me up close and personal with a world that I never thought had existed. It was a magical world full of dazzling colours, myriad shapes and intriguing textures—colourful fishes, exotic corals and beautiful plants, that together form a part of an extremely fragile eco-system.



Agatti Island in Lakshwadeep



My snorkelling adventures not only brought me face-to-face with a hitherto unknown world, but also made me realise that the beautiful things in life are indeed very fragile and most lie hidden from sight. After the underwater sojourn, as I laid back on the deck chair sipping a cool drink, I realised how precious this insight was.


For me, this trip was not only about indulging my senses in the laps of luxury and nature. It was a workshop of sorts where I learnt how to live in harmony with nature. The Sea Shells Beach Luxury Resort is doing its bit to preserve the fragile ecology here. Apart from the thatched huts and their tiled roofs, the resort has installed solar lights, bio-toilets, incinerators to dispose non-biodegradable waste and also rainwater harvesting systems. I really appreciate their sincere efforts at preserving the fast-depleting, precious natural resources of India.


My trip to Agatti Island was a veritable kaleidoscope—a tryst with Mother Nature at her bountiful best, an encounter with exotic flora and fauna, a lesson in ecological living, and a journey into the deep recesses of my mind. I certainly gained from the enlightenment… from the deeper insight into my day-today life and came back reinvigorated.


By Reema Bhalla