Chakrata- A Utopia In Uttrakhand

If nature is a chocochip cake, Chakrata is like your favourite piece of that cake. Dehradun and Mussoorie are so basic and always flooded with tourists. If you are looking for an unexploited, less travelled destination, take a trip to Chakrata. Chakrata is one of the army cantonment hill stations in India. And, guess what? Foreigners are not allowed here since it is a base for covert army operations.

A utopia in Uttarakhand, here’s what all you can do in Chakrata.

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#rappelling on Tiger falls

The clandestine falls are 6 km trek from Chakrata. Falling from the height of 312 metres, the gushing water enchants loudly between the hills making the sound of a tiger’s roar. Hence, the name.There is a pool beneath the fall which you can consider as your natural jacuzzi.


#birdwatching in Deoban

The ‘God’s own forest’ is where you can find exotic bird species like white collared blackbird and Himalayan woodpeckers. A walk in the woods gives you a true, peaceful environment and some time for contemplation. 15 minutes walk through the dense forests will take you to the spot where Rishi Vyas wrote the Hindu epic ‘Mahabharat’. You might need permission from the Defence Corps to walk into the forest.

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#caving in Budher caves

Our ancestors were cave people. And when I talk about ancestors, I pinpoint to the Pandavas who found these Budher caves. A mystery for a long time, these caves remain unexploited till date. Exploring the cave would be your nearest experience to living like a caveman. Also known by the name of Mioli caves as the place is, the only way to reach these caves is by trek.

budher caves

#trek to Chilmiri Neck

Trek to the highest point in Chakrata, that is Chilmiri Neck, and lo and behold magnificent views of the Himalayan ranges. Puff your lungs with some fresh air as you trek up to the point of Chilmiri Neck. Your reward: the astounding view of beautiful Bandarpoonch, Rohini, and Swarg Peaks.

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#picnicking in Kalsi

Situated by the bank of Yamuna river, Kalsi is a historic town where the stone edicts of King Ashoka are present. The landscape is beautiful to have a picnic. You can also fish in the river if you have a prior permission from the army.



Best time to go

The weather remains pleasant in summers. In winters, the hill station is flanked with snow.

How to reach
Chakrata is 345 kms from New Delhi which takes about 8 hours to reach. There are private buses running from New Delhi to Chakrata. The nearest railway station is Dehradun Railway Station. Nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport. If you decide to take a trip to Chakrata by road, here is the route to follow:

New Delhi – Panipat – Karnal – Paonta Sahib – Dakpatthar – Chakrata

Paradise for
Trekkers, adventure seekers.

Place to stay
There are scanty places to stay in Chakrata. The only hotel in Chakrata is Snow View Resort which provides you a comfortable stay in the hill station. You can also stay at Ramtal Resort.

For the people who really want to satiate their hunger for natural beauty, they should definitely take a trip to Chakrata. Untouched by commercialization, Chakrata is inundated with raw natural splendour and infinite adventures to explore. Green valleys and dense coniferous forests of Chakrata call out for those smitten with a wanderlust.

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