Fly Paperless Now! Government Introduces Digi Yatra

The Government of India recently launched Digi Yatra, a paperless and contactless entry system which will enable flyers to travel without carrying their ID card or boarding pass. Scroll down to learn more about this new initiative.  

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What is Digi Yatra? 

Digi Yatra will allow air travellers to pass through the various checkpoints at airports while being paperless. The system uses facial recognition technology to identify the passenger, which will then establish the link to their boarding pass. 

Flyers will have to complete a one-time registration process on the Digi Yatra app based on their Aadhar credentials and a self-image capture. There will be no central storage of Personally Identifiable Information in the database. The traveller’s information and credentials will be stored in their smartphone and the uploaded data will be erased from the servers after 24 hours. 

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Where is Digi Yatra available? 

In its first phase, Digi Yatra will be introduced at seven airports. On December 1st, it was launched at Delhi, Bengaluru and Varanasi airports. The government plans to commence the service in Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune and Vijayawada by March 2023. 

The Digi Yatra app can be downloaded on both Android and iOS phones, and is completely voluntary in nature. At present, it’s available for only domestic flyers. 

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To know more about it, you can watch this video: 

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