Horoscope & Travel Signs – Featuring Scorpio

The first name that comes to mind when you say the word ‘explorer’ is Christopher Columbus. A man, who, solely, changed the face of world geography. Then, there was James Cook, the explorer who mapped the whole of South Pacific.


Other than their love for mysteries and explorations, the two men also shared their sun sign. Both being Scorpions.


You can easily cast them as the leading characters in any story that has a lonely looking island, some lost treasure, a mythical creature or a parallel world. For Scorpions are a breed that walks the fine line between real and imaginary.


As we enter their birth month, ixigo trains the spotlight on Sri Lanka, a destination that’s more than just perfect for the Scorpion travellers. Here’s what all the Scorpions can dig around at Sri Lanka (no pun intended).


Ritigala Monastery

Photo Courtesy – rickholliday

A monastery in every sense, if you go by the silence that prevails here. Ritigala is also shrouded in a deep air of mystery, as the ruins and rock inscriptions go back to 1st century BCE. This one is not for the touristy types, for you still find monks in deep meditation in this almost deserted stretch of the Ritigala Mountains.


Pigeon Island

Photo Courtesy – Colby Otero

This is one place that only Scorpions will think of visiting. Reason being the laws that ban tourist inflow to the island. But for the ones who want a way out, specially the Scorpions, fixing a tour with the naval escort is the option. Solitude makes for the perfect company here. A day trip with navy comes to around INR 2500.


Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

Photo Courtesy – FabIndia

Take bottles of milk and a whole lot of bananas on your way to Pinnawala. Here, you have the chance to feed elephants. Don’t forget to carry your camera as you might be walking with a herd of 70 or more elephants on their way to the common bath! Worth a shot, right?


Sigiriya Rock

Photo Courtesy – mckaysavage

Knowing the great love that Scorpions harbour for photography, Sigiriya or the Lion’s Rock is a must visit. The ways this rock rises from amidst a dense jungle is nothing other than shocking. A very tricky staircase will lead you to the summit, but it’ll be worth the effort. The view from up there is a photographer’s dream come alive.



Photo Courtesy – Angamharamba

Angampora, a 3000 year old fascinating form of martial arts, is courtesy Sri Lanka. With half of the fight moves happening in mid air, the opponents often look airborne. You can watch a fascinating session of Angampora at Angamapora Institute, Sri Lanka.


Address – Rajasinghe Mawatha,

Korathota, Kaduwela. Sri Lanka.


Parippu Vadai

Photo Courtesy – mariasmanu

If there’s one dish that you must taste of the Sri Lanka cuisine, that’s Parippu Vadai. This hours long preparation is best coupled with sambhar curry. Other than that, you must check out Colombo’s street food trails at Fort Area and Maning Market.    


Now while you plan your mystical journey to this island off the Indian coast, I’m signing off to search for my next scoop for Sagittarius. Just to add, this search wouldn’t be a tough one, for I’m one of them, the Sagittarians.


Till then, happy travelling.


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