Horoscope & Travel Signs – Featuring Virgo.

Virgos are a breed that usually thrives in solitude. Keen learners, these are some of the most soft spoken, forever smiling travellers that you’ll run into on your way. But do not take their smiles for shyness, for these one be the first ones to fall into love with a stranger on a road trip, the first ones to enrol for an Italian class when it Italy, the ones camping on the most treacherous cliff just because it gives them a lot of alone time.


So when it came to picking a place that they’ll simply love, I couldn’t think of a place more apt than Norway. Ah. In fact, these souls will be too happy to roam the lanes of any of those Scandinavian countries. Back home, they can just wander off to the lonely lands of Saputara, Cherrapunjee, Darang and more. But for now, it’s Norway.



Forget the Lord of the Rings, Norway has Geirangerfjord.

Photo Courtesy – Florian Seiffert (F*)

Was that you, sighing so loudly? Well, I know that can happen so you can confess. There, in the picture is just one fjord, you can spend months at Norway discovering just fjords. Game?



All the white wilderness that you could wish for.

Photo Courtesy – jidanchaomian

Locals call it the Svalbard Islands, you can simple remember it as the Arctic experience. This is the Northern Norway for you Virgos. Go mad with your camera here.



Picasso at work.

Photo Courtesy – ~~~johnny~~~

That’s Troms for you. And if you think there still is a lack of colours, wait for the night. This Northern region of Norway will come alive with… Northern Lights.



Take a set of forks, for you’ll have Norwegian lamb, salmon, stockfish.

Photo Courtesy - Official Website

Photo Courtesy – Official Website

Order a round or two at 3 Kalver, Gloppen Hotel, Hoelstuen or more. Norwegians love their food, and so would you.



And you thought museums were boring?

Photo Courtesy – jimg944

It’s not just contemporary art, the likes of which at least I couldn’t understand. Norway has a Viking Ship Museum too. Beat that if you can.



Cycle down the Alps.

Photo Courtesy – Dean_Groom

Norwegians love pedalling, cycles or boats or whatever. But I suggest you to go first for the cycles, pedalling down the famous yet solitary trails of Rallarvegan, Nordland, Dovrefjell, Numedal and more. It’s unadulterated Alps.



Samis, the indigenous of Norway.

Photo Courtesy – Larsfl

Some of the Virgos I know have dined with complete strangers at Greenland, with the inhabitants. They are the ones who write travel columns on culture and people. As for the Samis, they have the cutest smiles and really warm, welcoming homes.



Play Santa, Norway has Rudolph(s).

Photo Courtesy – Hotelli Kalevala

With all the snow that might be hurtling around, it usually feels like Christmas at Norway. And with reindeer sleighs all around, let nothing stop you from playing Santa. Or maybe, chasing Santa!



Pull the line.

Photo Courtesy – Official Website

Salmon fishing, freshwater fishing, winter fishing – to cut it short, Norway has a whole line of fishing options, however funny it may read. So if you’re the one who can wait and brood with your feet touching the freshwater, there’s quite a lot for you.


If your have more time to spare after doing all that at Norway, do write to us and we’ll get you an encyclopedia of information. So while we figure out a place perfect for the Libra sign, you go Norwaying (I know that’s not a word!).


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