How To Take A Taxi Abroad

Taking a taxi in India is no big deal but taking one abroad can be a huge headache specially when you are alien to the country and have no clue on how the system works. Hence, it’s important to learn how to take a taxi abroad.

A complete NO!

Avoid taking taxis when at airport arrivals as the taxi drivers may charge you 10-20X of the actual fare. Instead ask your friend/relative (in case you have any in the city you are travelling to) to book one for you when you land. You might as well want to know a bit about how to survive in a new city.

Taxis lined up along a drive outside a building. In the background is a city skyline with tall skyscrapers and a ridgeline under a blue sky with some clouds.

By Diego Delso

Look for a reputable taxi service provider

Do your homework well and always look for reputable taxi services so you don’t land in unnecessary and uncalled for troubles. A reliable taxi service provider is a must, especially when the city is a complete stranger to you.


Always consult

If you are visiting a place for the first time and haven’t done any homework on how the transportation system works in that country, it’s advisable to consult the hotel staff, especially the concierge to arrange a taxi for you.


Fix and then sit

Freeze on the fare before getting inside the cab as you never know when your cabbie changes his mind and asks for an unreasonable amount and you aren’t left with any scope for negotiation.


Stay clear

It’s important for you to learn or be familiar with phrases you can tell the driver to avoid any confusion, first being the destination and second being taxi fare. This is one of the most useful tips on how to take a taxi abroad


Track your route

It’s always good to use GPS on your smartphone and track the route your driver is taking so you are less likely to be in a situation of crisis. Don’t forget to check out a few useful tips on how to travel solo.


Don’t be over friendly

Always make small talk with the driver so he doesn’t know that you know very little about the city and has no chance of harming you in any possible way. But at the same time, don’t divulge too many details as it might work against you.


Be alert

Whenever you take a taxi, ensure the meter is reset or else it’ll turn out to be a huge rip off for you. Keep a watch on the meter and see if it’s going too fast. We are sure you definitely wouldn’t want to burn a hole in your pocket for a fairly short distance.


Say yes to change

Most taxi drivers pretend not to have change when you reach your drop point. As a result, you end up paying more than the fixed fare. Always carry change or the exact amount to avoid such a situation. Because this is an everyday story of a taxi driver.


These were some of the useful tips on how to take a taxi abroad. Let us know if these solve your purpose whenever you take a cab next. Happy travelling! 🙂

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