India’s first canopy walk opens in the Western Ghats

Adding yet another great feat to the travel scene of the country, Karnataka opens India’s first canopy walk in the Western Ghats. It was previously inaugurated in February but was later closed due to the monsoon season.

Nestled at a height of 30m, this eco-walk will let its visitors explore a total distance of 240 m through the thick rain-forest.

Rs. 500
Children (below 12 years)- Rs. 300

It can hold upto 10 people at once.

Apart from boosting the exploration of Western Ghats among general public, the project also looks at creating awareness in respect to the biodiversity present there.

Lavishly rich with a variety of flora and fauna, on a tour of the ghats, one may be able to see kingfishers, white bellied treepie, malabar squirrels and hornbills. Silver oak, cinnamon and bamboo trees are also commonly found here.