Kolad: The Lush Getaway

The bunglow at Kolad overlooked the Kundallka river, one of the fastest flowing rivers in South India. Lush mountains and waterfalls surrounded the river, making for a picturesque sight at dawn and dusk.


Photo by Ankur P



The mere mention of a holiday brings a sparkle to my eyes; it means a total cut-off from my daily routine. A time to connect with own self and bring back those lost senses, and getting into a detoxifying and a declutter mode. It also means learning a lot and having a fun time with family and friends. Literature, architecture, museums, history, art and its various forms have always inspired me, but my recent trip to the lush, green Kolad (approximately 300 km from Goa and 100 km from Pune) turned out to be a rendezvous with nature. The place breathes of sweet fragrances and rain most of the year, and connects with each one who visits it. This secluded village turned out to be a whole new experience for me, a place disconnected from the rest of the world.


I visited the unexplored, serene village of Kolad with a bunch of friends and since it’s not a commercial place, we stayed at the only bungalow owned and looked after by a retired couple (in fact, that’s the only property to stay in). The humble couple, with the help of a cook, arranged for homemade food and gave us full liberty to cook on our own, making it a most comfortable experience in a ‘no network’ getaway.


Kundalika river


The bungalow overlooked the Kundalika river, the greatest attraction of this village and among the fastest flowing rivers in South India. Lush mountains, streams and waterfalls surround the river, making for a picturesque sight at dawn and dusk. Though only a handful of people live there, we could manage to raft where the current was strong and swim and relax where the river set quiet.


Photo by Himanshu Sarpotdar


Adventurous activities in Kolad


Hans Adventure is one of the oldest farms in the Sutarwadi area and is surrounded by rivulets. It has a dedicated activity setup for corporate programmes by the nearby lake. Accommodation here is in a simple farm that offers a swimming pool and home-like meals. Apart from rafting, you can also indulge in adventure activities like kayaking, jungle camping and river crossing. Boating on the river is a beautiful experience with the lush greenery acting as a balm to the senses.



Photo by Himanshu Sarpotdar


After this refreshing trip, I would like to visit Kerala, Hampi in Karnataka and Leh. I have been to almost all the hill stations and most of the must-visit places in northern India. I particularly remember my visit to Gangtok and Shillong, places with immense quiet and serenity, friendly people and a relaxed approach towards life.




Since there’s nothing available in a radius of approximately 40 km, you need to carry a first-aid kit, your own booze (if you’d like to nurse a couple of drinks out in the open in the evening, and some readymade meals of your choice as you can also cook here. Cell phones do not work here, so keep your family informed accordingly.


By Vartika Kaushal


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