Pledge Away to Glory! 5 Travel Resolutions for 2018

Every new year sets in with a bunch of resolutions; while some wish to shed those extra kilos, others plan to get hitched or learn a new language or become a better person. We are sure, that you have also created a list of resolutions that you want to accomplish in 2018. But with 2017 wrapping up, we suggest you to satisfy your wanderlust. Focussing on travel is not only fun but it also allows your whole world to open up (pun intended).


So, without further delay, let’s ditch some impractical resolutions and take on a challenge which will let you immerse in different cultures, brand new experiences and a satisfactory vibe that will stick with you throughout life. Are you ready to take up these 5 travel resolutions? Read on..

Roll Out Happiness! Take a Volunteer Trip

There are millions of people around the world that are not as privileged as us and are surviving on the bare minimum. Let the new year add some happiness to their lives with some of your volunteer work. All you need to do is choose your favourite destination and decide on a service that you can provide. For example, visit Vietnam and look after disabled kids or fly to South Africa and volunteer as an English teacher. The options are endless, all you need to do is travel for a cause.


Pick the Right Track! Take an Overnight Train Journey

T.S. Elliot once said, “ The journey not the arrival matters.” Take inspiration from this quote and embark on an elevating journey, in the coming year. Choose a far off destination and board a train to a place where you have never been before. Experience the beauty of various landscapes, meet new people, share thoughts and learn something new on this ride.


Widen your Horizon! Visit a Non-English Speaking Country

Sounds challenging, doesn’t it? As taxing as it might sound, the experience will be worth your effort. More than a learning encounter, this trip will help you communicate your needs through signs and emotions which is par excellence. Visit a country where majority of the people speak a language, completely unknown to you. This will widen your horizon and let you become an insightful human being. As a tip, learn a few words from their language and brag about it later.


Sky is Never the Limit! Go for a High Altitude Trek

If you are not a trekking enthusiast, challenge yourself in 2018 and question your willpower. You might have taken a lot of trips filled with fun and relaxation but a high altitude trek where you are away from all the urban vibes is exhilarating. Disconnect from the world and be with yourself in silence, filling your lungs with fresh air and serenity at its best.


Follow your Taste Buds! Choose a Cuisine and Visit that Country

As crazy as it might seem, just do it! There is no better way to feed your wanderlust (and ofcourse yourself). If you love food, this is an excellent way to explore the different areas of the world. This bizarre and prolific way of travelling will let you plan your itinerary around food and there is nothing better than a happy tummy. So, if you love binging on Spanish food, take a trip to Spain in 2018, eat to your heart’s content and learn how to cook some of their specialities.


Explore the unexplored, conquer a fear, deepen a friendship, become a better person, and attain all this through travelling. Let 2018 define opportunities for personal betterment and definitely, for quenching your wanderlust. Happy New Year Folks! 🙂