What the Wack! Weird Food Laws From Around The World

We all know laws are structured to maintain order and keep the society safe. But there are a number of weird food laws around the world that just reach a new level of crazy.

Don’t be surprised if you are not allowed to take a picture of your ice cream in Florence (no paparazzi, please) or crushing a can of beer improperly in Australia lands you up in jail (seriously, mate?).

Don’t scratch that head! There is more to this list. Read on:

Let’s Not Ketchup

France banned the use of ketchup in its schools in 2011. They saw it as a threat to all things French and a form of American culture dominance at its tastiest..oh sorry finest. 😛


Satisfied Enough?

As per a law in Denmark, guests are asked to pay for a meal only if they are completely satisfied and truly feel full. We guess this law makes sense! 😀


That’s UnBEERable!

Imported beer is illegal in Nigeria and brewing beer here is also prohibited. So does that imply it is illegal to drink in Nigeria? No! You can buy and drink beer only if you are 21 or above. Phew! We really need a drink now!


The Expensive Gum Affair

We all have committed the unacceptable crime of spitting out a gum on the side of a road. But careful guys, if you do that in Thailand, you will be charged with a fine of $600 (that’s one hell of an expensive chewing gum).

chewing gum

Brussel Attack

This might sound extremely weird but it is true. In Belgium, it is completely fine for locals to bombard tourists with Brussel sprouts. Where’s my shield, brother?


Think Twice Before You Surprise

If you want to cheer someone up by delivering a cheesy pizza to them, you might want to make sure that they are home. If not, you might have to pay a fine of $500 in Louisiana. Huh..who likes surprises anyway!


Are there are any other weird food laws you came across while travelling? Let us know!