10 States, 10 Adventures-Let Adrenaline Take Over!

Where there’s a will, there’s adventure! We present 10 adventure activities for 10 states so that there is something for everyone, wherever you may choose to go.

Bike Tour, Rann of Kutch

Always fancied yourself on touring the country on a bike, wind in your hair and the song of the road to guide you? Royal Bikers are a group of biking enthusiasts zooming along the length and breadth of the country. Join them on an enthralling bike ride to the Rann of Kutch which starts in New Delhi and goes all the way to Udaipur!


Chadar Trek, Jammu and Kashmir

Considered to be one of the most challenging treks in India, Chadar Trek which covers the Zanskar River which is frozen during winters! During the summer months, however, the river becomes a hotspot for river rafting! With nothing but a starry canopy and steaming cup of maggi, lie back and enjoy the simple life as the trek can take upto 8 days to complete.

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Microlight Flying, Karnataka

Glide over soft tufts of clouds and the dreamy landscape of Karnataka with a microlight flying tour in Coorg! The route usually includes Madikeri, Mysore, Ponnampet, Bangalore and Gonikoppal. Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the rustic cities as the ride lasts upto a good 30 minutes!

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Wildlife Safari in Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand

What better way than to spend your day in the wild! Divided into five beautiful safari zones, Jim Corbett National Park is teeming with a colourful variety of flora and fauna. If you wish to stay the night at the sanctuary, then make sure to get a permit and clearance from the CTR Office in Ramnagar.

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Scuba Diving, Goa

Explore the underwater marvels of the Arabian Sea with a scuba diving session in Goa! Though there are numerous water sports activities you can enjoy here, scuba diving lets you explore the depths of a whole new world!

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Heli Skiing, Himachal Pradesh

Try your hand at the off-track skiing sport which is done with the help of a helicopter instead of a ski lift. Sounds interesting? Well, heli skiing is for hardcore adrenaline junkies practiced only on selected slopes. Manali is a popular destination for this sport with slopes as high as 6,500 m!

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Parasailing, Kerala

Sparkling backwaters, gleaming beaches and gushing rivers mean a lot of opportunities for watersports. Where there is a beach, there is a parasail and this is what you MUST do when in Kerala! Gear up and go parasailing at Payyambalam Beach. If beach-hopping is your style, then you can also head over to Alappuzha and Varkala!

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Spelunking, Meghalaya

Fan of the treasure-hunting, evil-fighting Professor Indiana Jones? Hold on to that whip and fedora, and embark on a cave-exploration spree in Meghalaya! A trip to the famous Khasi Hills, Jaintia Hills and Garo Hills will reward the explorer in you with some of the most stunning landscapes hidden in the earth’s cradle!

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Hot Air Ballooning, Maharashtra

Take a hot air balloon ride over the scenic locales of Maharashtra and immerse yourself in the lush experience. Nestled in the lush Sahyadri Ranges, the hot air balloon ride takes a little over an hour to complete and gives you an aerial tour of Lonavala.

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Desert Camping, Rajasthan

Ever had a cup of salty tea made with camel’s milk? Stay a night in the desert and you will come to appreciate the ways of desert life in Jaisalmer! The shifting sands, crimson sunset and the bumpy camel safari will make you fall in love with the desert–a love affair you would want to rekindle time and again.

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These were our top picks for 10 adventure activities for 10 states! Make sure that you never run out of ideas for your next vacation.


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