8 Ways To Fly For Less

If you think booking a cheap flight is rocket science, here’s how you can crack it and save a fortune!

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1. Happiness is an amazing cashback offer

Nowadays, airlines keep coming up with their best deals (cashback offers) to compete with their competitors. Don’t miss the chance of bagging a sweet bargain on your flight tickets. Book your flights with ixigo and get upto Rs. 750 cashback on flights.

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2. Befriend the right booking site

With ixigo, you can actually compare airfares, use coupons and bag a great deal using their cashback scheme. It’s always good to befriend a site that always thinks about the user first.



3. Clear browser cookies

Clearing browser cookies is one of the most tried and tested ways to save some serious money on flights. Airlines always use cookies to track your searches (history), so it’s advisable to use different browsers to search for flight tickets. You may even use an incognito window in case you don’t want to delete cookies.



4. Always stay alert

Though last minute deals are tough to find, but you definitely can find these if you know the right sources. Visit a few airlines (pages and websites) and sign up for their email alerts and newsletters to know more on flash sales, low airfares and new routes with introductory rates. Make sure you are always updated!



5. Go for the right credit card

One of the 8 ways to fly for less is to choose the right credit card. Apply for a credit card (airline) that rewards you with good Avios Points for you to be able to redeem it against set flight routes.

Besides providing you with reward points, the card helps you cut the cost of expensive long haul flights. You can collect great reward points by using the card for daily use; use it for purchasing groceries or go out for dinner or filling up the car tank)



6. ‘Point of Sale’ is the key

While time plays an important role in finding the best flight price, selecting the right purchase location is equally important too. Whenever looking for flights online, change your “point of sale” or location to make it appear that tickets are being purchased from somewhere else. Not many of you would know that this can affect the flight pricing to a huge extent. All you have to do is go to the airline’s website and switch to the desired location by selecting the country’s webpage in the drop-down menu.


7. The 24-hour rule

There are airlines that offer a free refund if you cancel your tickets more than 24 hours before scheduled departure, so keep a check on the price using price alerts. The moment you are notified about a substantial drop in airfares, cancel your original ticket and book a new one. This will definitely help you save some serious cash. However, some airlines may charge a cancellation fee depending on their policies.



8. Connecting flights are better

Direct route, no changing planes–life’s good! But, how many of you know that connecting flights are less expensive than direct flights? It may add to your travel time but saving a few dollars on airfare is totally worth it! Change your travel route and you’ll definitely save a lot on your flight tickets.


Now that you know of these 8 ways to fly for less, how about planning a vacation soon?