Hampi Ranked 2nd In New York Times ’52 Must-See Destinations of 2019′

It’s a proud moment for the country! 😀

Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site has been ranked #2 in New York time’s 2019 Must-See Destinations.

WAO fact: It is the only Indian destination to have its name on the list. 😯

What is Hampi all about: Also known as the ‘Group of Monuments,’ Hampi is a dreamy place for every history lover with all its ruins and thrilling mysteries. Home to gorgeous temples, ruins of gigantic and lavish palaces, royal pavilions, ancient market streets, this unique temple town deserves to be on your bucket list.

Did you know? Puerto Rico, a Caribbean island has topped the list of New York time’s 2019 Must-See Destinations.

Best time to visit Hampi:

October to February is a great time to visit Hampi.

How to reach Hampi:

>The nearest airport is situated in Bellary, 60 km away from town.
> There is no rail connectivity for Hampi. The nearest rail head is at Hospet, 13 kms from Hampi.
> Hampi is well connected by bus services from Bangalore and other major cities of Karnataka.

So, when are you planning a trip to this mesmerising temple town? Till we meet again, happy travels!

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