Quick Packing tips from an expert

Whether it is a last minute business trip or a leisure holiday, packing for the same is always a pain. However, these Quick Packing Tips by Dilip Kapur, President, Hidesign, will surely help you pack the smart way.

Tips for Business Travellers

Go for soft luggage

Soft luggage are a big space saver as you can always squeeze in a little more. There is always some extra space in the corners which can be filled with knick-knacks such as chargers, socks etc.

Keep an extra toilet kit ready
Keeping an extra kit is always a great time-saver. Do not take the toiletries out of it for daily use. So you do not have to search and pack before a trip.

Go for 42 inch hand baggage
Stay away from luggage check-in – make this a rule. Go for a 42 inch luggage which is allowed as hand baggage. (internationally accepted)

Wheeled luggage makes life easy
Wheels are such great invention. So a wheeled luggage in the right size is all that you need for a great trip.  


shutterstock_257419618Tips for Leisure Travellers

Go for Duffel bags/rucksacks
Hard luggage is a complete no when on a holiday. Duffel bags are perfect for jeans and casual wear.

Easy storage for sneakers
Isolate you jogging shoes by putting them in the extra compartment for laptops (most rucksacks have laptop space).

Download enough to read
Avoid carrying hardbacks for reading. Instead download journals and books on your ipads. Also most hotels today offer free wi-fi.


So, next time when you have to travel, do remember these Quick Packing Tips and make your life a little more simpler.

About the Author:
A four-season traveller, Florina Soren loves to explore the unexplored.